The Need for Self Improvement

Why is there a need for self-improvement? Why not just go through life staying exactly how we are today? Life is full of changes.

If you don’t believe; tomorrow, pay strict attention to the details in your day.

Make a list of Things That Change

Keep a list of things you notice that remained the same and things that have changed; little things, big things, things that are important, and things that are so unimportant that you barely notice them at all.

Read your list out loud at the end of the day, and you will be surprised by looking at the number of changes you witnessed in just one day.

Now, do you believe that life is full of changes? Therefore, why shouldn’t you change too? Hopefully, you will be changing for the better.

Nobody wants to make changes that worsen things for themselves. You can improve things for you by making things better.

Finances, relationships, education, self-esteem, weight, physical appearance, skill level, and talent are some areas that people like to improve.

As human beings, we are all designed to grow physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. The process cannot be stopped, even if we wanted to. A baby grows right before our eyes, or so it seems.

New Experiences

Sometimes, we learn without even trying as we adapt to the new information when new experiences happen to us, and before we know it, we have changed, and in the change, we have improved from what we used to be.

Growing is a natural process. In the process of building, babies and young children explore their world and learn, mostly out of curiosity about the things and events surrounding them. Adults can become set in their ways and used to how things are and tend to be resistant to change.

Thus to make a change or improve the way we do things, we have to make a conscious effort. Adults observe something about our appearance or our life, and when we do not like what we see, we decide to change it for the better by making improvements.

Forced Changes

Sometimes we feel improvements are essential because we are forced to make the change. An example of a forced change would be when you find out that your wife is expecting triplets, and you live in a one-bedroom apartment. You may not plan the pregnancy, but your future children will need to have someplace to sleep.

You and your future family will fit in a one-bedroom apartment. The forced changes that you might be facing in such situations are to accommodate your growing family, maybe: job-hunting for a job with a higher salary and a house with at least three bedrooms, four preferably.

In the case of a boss telling his employee that he will need to take a class in computer science; otherwise, he will lose his job. The employee will improve himself by taking a computer course to save his job.

We Desire to Have

Sometimes, we make improvements as we desire something that we do not have at present. An example would be a young woman to attract a husband of wealth and breeding may decide to make improvements to her physical self, and her character.

The single mom may take a GED class at her local community center to improve her chances of finding employment. She also enrolls in a job placement service so that she can take courses on resume’ writing and improve her interviewing skills.

Another example would be the woman who falls in love with a cute yellow bikini who will want to improve her waistline so that she will look good in the bikini next summer.

There are many reasons for a person to decide to set self-improvement goals. Regardless of the reasons, your financial state, education, job prospects, or health will make you feel better about yourself.


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