The Connection between Self Esteem and Achieving Self Improvement Goals

Yes, there is a connection between what you think about yourself – your self-esteem and your ability to accomplish your self-improvement goals. Having good, positive self-esteem or an image of you is the best possible goal.

You can feel confident in your abilities to accomplish your goals when you feel good about yourself. The image we have of ourselves based on what we believe about who and what we are and what our abilities are. We can have constructive or destructive beliefs.

Many things are affected by our self-esteem:

  1. The confidence we have in our self
  2. Our attitude about our self
  3. The ability to cope with stress in our life
  4. The ability to be assertive

All of these things are affected by how we see our self.

The following are the thoughts you will have when you have a firm or constructive belief about yourself:

  1. I can do this
  2. They believe I can do this.
  3. I am good at this job…game…task

The following are the thoughts you will have if you have a low or destructive belief about yourself:

  1. I can’t do anything
  2. No one believes I can do this
  3. I’m no good at doing this game….job…..task

You are confident in your abilities and in your power to achieve your goals when you have positive or good self-esteem. To accomplish our self-improvement goals, we need to be able to envision ourselves, achieving those goals. We are confident that we can and will achieve our goals when we believe in ourselves and our abilities.

Those who lack confidence because they have low self-esteem cannot envision themselves accomplishing their goals, so they give up on making goals altogether.

Steps for Building Self Esteem

Understanding the strengths that you possess is the one thing that is of the utmost importance when you are trying to build up your self-confidence level. Write a list up of all the things about yourself that you know you are a person that possesses unique talents and worth to the world.

You need not hesitate to write down even minor things that you like about yourself, as they will help you to see the big picture. Write down also your weaknesses, along with your strengths. You can learn in the end to use your dominant abilities to help to accommodate for your weak points.

As you see the problems within your life, you should do your best to set minor goals that can help lead to more success in the areas where you lack self-esteem. If you are afraid of social circumstances, set yourself little goals that slowly advance your abilities.

You can start by going out with friends of yours that you feel comfortable with, and begin slowly integrating more and more outgoing social skills step by step.

Also, whenever you feel that you’ve achieved a milestone in an area in your life in which you lacked confidence, record it so that you can realize the progress that you’ve made. The more and more you work in the area of your life that you are not confident in, the easier it will become.

Taking the first step is the hardest one to make, and realize that you will begin to adapt to changes more efficiently as you build your confidence.

Another important thing is improving your self-image. Whenever you leave your house, be sure that you take some time to care for your appearance and dress so that you can feel comfortable when you face a social circumstance.

Your mind won’t be on any problems with your next appearance, which results in the improvement of your self-esteem.

Improving your self-esteem can take some serious work, and you will most certainly have to step out of your ‘comfort zone’ to do so. The advantages, however, will be well worth the effort you put into attaining self-esteem.

Real self-esteem can be nourished in a child and inspired by parents and caregivers. Children grow up to be confident, happy adults who believe in what they can do to improve themselves when children feel good about who they are and what they can achieve.

It is never too late for Tarin to develop real self-esteem. Taking the time to appreciate even the smallest accomplishments that we make and, in fact giving ourselves credit for what we do that is good; can help to build our self-esteem.

We can build self-confidence by taking things slowly and in small doable steps, and each small step leads to another more significant level. Anyone can have good self-esteem, and thus, anyone can achieve self-improvement goals.


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