Take That Big Move in Your Self Improvement Purposes

Self-improvement for some people is about losing weight or finding a person to love. However, self-improvement for other people is all about a life long dream of some sort, such as becoming a professional actor, or of painting a landscape which will be featured in an art museum someday, or of writing The Great American Novel.

These goals are no less valid than other people’s intentions, even though they frequently scoffed at as impractical or silly. People need to ask themselves when they have these goals, though, “Why not me?”

People pay to do these sorts of things all the time. People with goals have yet to discover the difference between people with goals and people getting paid.

Set Practical Goals

It would be a shame to look back on life as an older person and wonder what might have happened if only a more aggressive pursuit of dreams was taken. Although it is true that only a tiny minority of people ever get to achieve the goals of this nature, there are still those who do. Therefore, it is best to maintain practical purposes that can be made.

A man who is two classes away from his college degree probably shouldn’t quit school to write a novel, and a woman who is the primary breadwinner of a large family should probably not quit her day job to pursue an acting career. The Starving Artist, even though a romantic notion, is starving nonetheless.

Bold and Confident

People need to be bold and sure of themselves to take the big step and give the dream a shot. Someone who confidently marches into an audition and goes through the lines in a certain way is more likely to be noticed than someone who creeps into the hearing, red-faced, shy and stumbling over the edges a fear of rejection.

There should be no apprehension in their behavior if a person is going to make an effort to realize a dream seriously. Dreams such as these need to be snatched up by eager people and rarely spoon-fed to timid participants; people should make this their one big try and act accordingly.

Setting Goals

It will be beneficial to set goals for reaching the ultimate dream. A person might first set the goal of taking some acting classes at the local community college instead of the grandiose goal of someday starring in a Hollywood blockbuster.

Once this goal attained, the next target might be to start memorizing some monologues for future auditions, and the following goal could be to begin seeking out tests. The person is one step closer to the ultimate goal as each goal completed.

Although the ultimate goal indeed is most of the time never achieved with goals such as these, at the very least, a person will always know that the very best effort was given.


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