Looking To Get Promoted? How To Get That Promotion?

It is one of the most frequently asked questions, and if the answer were that simple, we would all be getting promoted. But with the right Plan, the correct attitude and the right actions, you can do your best to achieve what you deserve:

Plan: First, clarify to yourself where you are at this time in your professional life and where you aim to be soon. Are your expectations realistic, and what are the chances of getting to where you want to be? Be honest when you answer these questions and make a timeline for when you think you would be able to achieve your aims that are set.

Have the right attitude: If you are looking to be the person to get that promotion, your go-get-it position should convey your ability. Your passion and belief in your work should be able to speak for itself, and your ability to do a good job no matter what it is should shine through. You have to be able to show that you are up to the challenge of added responsibility. Upgrade your skills, keep abreast of the latest developments in your chosen field, and make sure that you are well up to the task if new challenges come your way.

Your work should speak for itself. If you are a ready and willing worker who thrives on challenges looking upon them as opportunities, then you are already doing the right things for getting that promotion. If, on the other hand, you whine and complain about onerous tasks being thrown your way, you are not worthy of the development.

For, if you cannot do your present job, how will you handle the added responsibility that comes with the promotion? If challenges are burdensome, your changes in the development look nebulous; if challenges are welcomed as opportunities, this is the stuff of managers! Then the promotion may be easier to come by.

It is essential to stay motivated, stay focused, and quite do as good a job as you know-how! Be a problem solver, and take the initiative wherever required. If required, volunteer for a task rather than waiting for it to be assigned to you.

It is essential to be a team player, but your contribution should be such that it makes you stand out from the team, showing that while you can work in tandem with others, you can lift your performance above that of others above that of the ordinary.


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